Church Chair Book Racks, Do you really need one?

Did you know? Churches are trendy. Quite popular trends come and go with almost every church. Going to church is a different experience (church chairs) than when your parents went for sure. I mean showmanship has always been a huge part of worship.

However church chairs we're not, nor the overhead projector. As a matter of fact, with these slight variations in most sanctuaries accompanied with some edited versions of hymnals, thanks to christian radio stations and the like of the modern world

A lot has changed in a church service. Book racks are becoming obsolete. Hard to imagine a day when that would happen or the and thou would be ways of old along with a few wood pews. I mean let's not kid ourselves church has changed.

Book racks obsolete, who would have thought that, although communion cup holders are more in demand a recent study of church furniture reflected that 64% of churches bought the book rack simply for the communion cup holder.

Communion services are still impor…

A pastor's Best friend

Time and quantity when it comes to church chairs, two things that are a pastor's best friend when considering chairs for church. A long process of decisions need to be made on church pew chairs and typically it is not something that is done overnight.
Time In most all cases churches need an executive decision maker regardless of whatever board or committee is assigned to the church seating. The usual problem is the church has waited too long to start the process of buying church chairs.
Quantity Another issue is quantity, sure you want to invest in the right chhari for church but if you only need 10 or 30, its not exactly an investment and a little known secret within the church chair industry is the more seating you are looking for the better deal you can get on it, so quantity (200 or more ) is definitely your friend

If you're a church and considering 500 chairs or more wse probably have the best deals on the market, just goes to show the more you buy the better off you are…

The Church Chair increases with additional savings

The Church Chair by Church Furniture 1 is one of the most popular church chairs for sale online and is a known for its quality construction, ergonomic comfort and longevity. The best part we offer a chair free to try our (no games) guarantee and back it up with one of the longest warranties on the market.

That's a lifetime 10/10 warranty (to break that down its a lifetime frame warranty and 10 year cushion and 10 year fabric warranty) no other warranty in the church chair industry is better longer or has more enhanced coverage. Lifetime is 25 years 8note: The Sanctuary chair (designed for comfort) has a 15 year foam warranty.

The Church Chair  now $38.99 with the $3.00 discount is the best selling in stock go to chair for churches just like your all across the Uni\ted States and we can ship to locations all over the world. The no games guarantee ensures that you can have a chair, sit in it, feel it, touch it, rip it apart if you want and we know it will hold up and win out too any…

Celebrating 4 years in Business

ChurchFurniture1 is celebrating 4 years of not for profit church furniture savings as its own ecommerce retailer. Yes we started out small, as really nothing more than another church furniture provider.

The month of June marks our 4th year as a primary church chair provider. In the early days we were limited by what we could provide, wasn't sure what exactly we'd provide and we provided a whole lot of it and quickly saw the market for church chairs at that time becoming a leading authority in the industry.

Oh, how things change, yes, it was probably in the first four months of business we realized it was so little money in church chairs we'd be better off to act in a nonprofit capacity and pay our people salaries while giving churches honest deals

Our mission at that time must have worked so the journey began. It's much easier to do a better job when an employee is not focused on whether or not they have enough to get by on that month and yes a seasonal business like c…

Free Shipping on all office chairs

Starting immediately church furniture will offer free shipping on all office chairs for a limited time. This means whether you're a pastor, a business owner or simply need a office chair for work at home, we can offer you a premier product for less.

All office chairs are on sale and we have a variety of chairs by catalog so if you don;t see the chair you're looking for contact us and we can probably get it. Not only is all office chairs for sale take advantage of free shipping while it lasts.

Office Chairs for sale cheap, keep in mind not only are these well made office chairs they are new, warrantied and now offer free shipping. Available in mesh, fabric or Leather. Everything from intermediate work styles to ergonomic luxury.

Two truths about church chairs

Considering what church chair to buy for your church is not always easy, church pew chairs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and different features.
Truths  Truth is they all pretty much are imported and have the same standard bells and whistles we call features

The materials used in some of the chairs are different than others, resulting in price variances. Another way to get some extreme price variances is to vary from what is available. In other words if you absolutely want an American made church chair or some other color than what is considered a stock fabric by those church chair providers

Then the cost factor changes for your church. The issue with costs changing and adding too or taking away from the standard deals is anytime costs increase, you can expect struggle. Not struggle by the church furniture manufacturer but struggle for..

you guessed it, the church.

Another truth is most churches are on budgets and funds are limited. If your lucky to be a large church without th…

Hands down the most comfortable church chair in the industry

The Sanctuary Chair is hands down the most comfortable church chair in the industry. Why, because it is designed specifically for comfort. Every church has members who struggle to get up and down thus the many requests for arm chairs but if your church chair is uncomfortable it doesn't matter if it has arms or not.

The Sanctuary chair by ChurchFurniture1 is designed with long sermons in mind, the elderly and those who just think that most church chairs are hard. I am here today to tell you it doesn't have to be that way folks.

The patented Cold cured foam and radius curved back create a more subtle contoured feel with a deeper dish that hugs you. This key element combination is the main factor in being able to sit easier for longer periods of time and the designers had your ergonomic comfort in mind

This church chair has all the features of the popular church chair for sale but with comfort designs that benefit both young and old, here at CF1 we understand investing in your ch…