New Banquet Chair from ChurchFurniture1

We are glad to introduce our new banquet chair from ChurchFurniture1. As you may or may not know CF1 is adding new chairs every day, church chairs, fellowship hall chairs, waiting rooms seating, business and office seating as well as dining seating online.

This chair falls both in commercial line use and in church chair use. Good for the sanctuary, a restaurant or fellowship hall and available in multiple colors, we are proud to introduce Banquet Chair D -restaurant chairs for sale, church chairs for sale at great pricing you wont find anywhere else.

The Banquet Chair D has the following features:

This Banquet Chair is one tough restaurant chairs for sale, a diner chair that features a frame that has been tested to hold a capacity of up to 500 lbs. You can make use of restaurant furniture for many kinds of occasions.1 Banquet chairs make beautiful event seating without the need of additional accessories. This banquet chair can be used in Church as well. Have questions? Need help choos…

Restaurant Chairs for sale: Too many varieties to count at CF1

New in commercial and dining at CF1 today is the distressed copper restaurant chair and or stool. This metal design is perfect for your cafe seating, diner or just your home patio furniture.

The greatest thing about ChurchFurniture1 chairs may jut be the options and this one does not fall short, available in many colors and that distressed look restaurants and coffee shops have come to love. This is a counter height metal restaurant stool and standard metal chair for your dining needs.

Completely transform your living or restaurant space with this distressed chair. Adding colorful chairs can rev up any setting. The versatility of the chair easily works in different environments. A cross brace underneath the seat adds extra stability and features protective caps that prevent the finish from scratching when stacked. The legs have protective rubber feet that prevent damage to flooring. 

If you are in the restaurant business and need a chair give our company a try and see what kind of dea…

accent chair for living room: 1 more way to save

Are you looking for accent chair for living room, restaurant chairs, dining chairs online or office chairs and living room furniture at CF1? 1 more way to save is free shipping on select items in commercial and residential inventory.

Most of your local furniture stores will offer delivery, up sell you warranties and even deliver online. ChurchFurniture1 does it for free on select items.Ashley will charge $120 or more for delivery and sell you short on warranty.

These companies are there to make money on you, Walmart does free in store delivery or pick up, they're moving items around anyways, Amazon has the market sure..on some items. Overstock or Wayfair may have it on others.

At CF1 our shipping is basic zone shipping and always free when possible and our warranty on all furniture products is set in stone, no need to upsell you anything. Shop, compare and you won't find it cheaper.

It may appear less expensive at first but these are tactics to sell you, then get the real mar…

dining chairs: 4 Ways to purchase products at ChurchFurniture1

As you may or may not know ChurchFurniture1 has recently expanded  our commercial inventory and even added residential furniture as well as church chairs and office chairs. We felt it necessary to mention some of the added dining chairs.

As the styles of dining chairs online are added some of them are produced with different materials such as metal or wood and this is very important to some customers not so much for homes but at restaurants and other public venues one may find seating.

Another important thing to note is that almost every design of dining chairs for sale will be available in either a chair or very much so a bar stool height, some of which are even available in a swivel model.

So along with selecting your color choice many of which are solid or the deep dish seat will have mahogany, walnut, cherry or a natural finish or choose from a padded vinyl  typically in burgundy or black depended on your intended use and need.

A chair or bar stool you have clicked on will have 4…

Office Chairs at CF1

We have added three new office chairs at CF1 this past week, with several more still left to add. If you are in the market for any type of office furniture we can likely get it. As you know we are newly adding products every day for home furnishings, office, restaurant chairs and of course we will always serve the God by providing a service to the church on chairs for church.

Today we are getting to the basics with a fabric designed office chair on swivel that rotates and provides ergonomic support while seating for 24/7 intensive use office chairs. Black Fabric with cushion, mesh backing for cool max airflow to be able to stay seated for longer periods of time comfortably and of course an executive style leather office chair. We also have every model in between just click on our commercial seating area at CF1 to see the newest products each day.

The basic go to office chair for any occasion is shown in black fabric, comfortable and ready for intensive use. For ventilation try the me…

Residential Living room Furniture at CF1

As we have mentioned previously church furniture is expanding beyond church chairs and growing into chairs, discount chairs, commercial inventory such as chairs for restaurant and it's residential furniture. That is not just residential chairs but entire sets to accommodate larger sitting foyers or homes.

Below is just some of the items you can see in our new residential section this is quality furniture that in many cases we are competitive with pricing wise as a not for profit even compared to some of the larger furniture retailers such as walmart, overstock even Amazon.

All we ask is that you check us out, there are limited products listed now but we have begun adding items every single day, so always check back with CF1 as well

Residential FurnitureServing in a new way we are proud to offer home furnishings, accent chair for living room, and cheap chairs for sale. Recliners, Love Seats, Sofas, Sectionals and living room sets can all be now found at CF1 a Christian company you …

Coffee House Church: New Chairs and Stools

Someone said to me, "wow, it would be really nice if you could do regular furniture" so we thought about that, and thought about our church chairs and our church furniture and then we thought about the pastors office chairs, the church foyer, classroom chairs, waiting room chairs and homes, and those coffee house churches and we realized it doesn't hurt anything to offer more products at not for profit pricing, as a matter of fact, it will help grow us into new markets all together where the general public is consistently being taken advantage of, so we are now expanding our commercial inventory and have added a complete residential section but keep in mind if we add thousands of new products this takes time, so check back often and if you or anyone you know is looking for something call us 800-395-6811 so we can likely make a great deal maybe even on furniture we have not yet posted, so if you are looking for anything whether you see it or not let CF1 see what we can d…