Black Friday Church Chair Sale: We added more church chairs

This Thanksgiving your church doesn't have to go without its church seating. The Black Friday Church Chair sale is on and we added more church chairs for less.

The Sale is already awesome with the following:

ChurchChair1 Moq 200  $38.99
Buy 300+ and get them for $33.99 Includes welded in bookrack and 10/10 Lifetime warranty

The Church Chair our most popular chair is permanently going up get it now for $33.50 Last time it will ever be at this price! Moq 50

The Saviour Chair any quantity just like at advantage church chairs only $30.99

The Kingdom Chair $29.95 Moq 100


Black Friday Church Chair 1 Sale

Black Friday and the Holiday Season is upon us and this is one church furniture store sale you don't want to miss. We have the ChurchChair1 church chairs at wholesale church chairs pricing only this week. Call and place your order for discount church chairs by Friday and receive those chairs at a special price.

The ChurchChair1 is on sale for black friday from Today until Sunday for $33.99.

This means when you place your order for church chairs paid in full this week, you will get the lowest price this chair has ever or will ever be sold at and as all church chairs are going up in 2018 this is absolutely the last time this chair will ever be at this price again (Our costs will be more than this).

So if you have been shopping for a good cheap church chair this is the opportunity to purchase one of the highest quality church chairs at the lowest cost price ever advertised.

This is for customers who are really honestly ready to buy as we understand many times with boards and committ…

Need Chairs for church?: #10 Reasons you Might want to consider ChurchChair1

ChurchChair1 is likely a leading church chair in the church furniture market. A Freedom Style Church Chair for sale it features many aspects of church seating pastors have said they've wanted over the years. Although it is not stocked by most suppliers it is available at a better price than even The Church Chair and it has some differences, below is 10 reasons you might consider this model.

In a world of pew bench seats and modern hymns and over head projectors, cameras and background music the churchchair1 stands out offering features any congregation would want such as:

1) Solid welded in bookrack with communion cup holder at the standard sale price, this means you are getting it at a cost that is cheaper than other chairs stand alone prices. As a matter of fact its the only style we know of on the market whom doesn't add an optional bookrack at an added price. This alone is a biggy.

2) the best warranty for a church chair on the market and the only one comparable to The Ch…

Church Chairs for sale: 5 options for 5 wallets

Church Chairs for sale is our church furniture specialty. When you're in the market for pew bench seats, every dollar counts. Church seats don't come cheap either. Never fear, here are 5 church chair options for 5 different types of financial situations.

More money more problems, Lets face it people are different. So are church chairs. Why there is a church chair for every situation and we want to offer those options in addition to the no games guarantee and a great financing plan.

Church Chair1 is the nicest church chair on the market at 21" wide, 16 gauge steel powder coated 1" legs and 13/16" back with built in solid welded book rack and communion cup holder one piece frame and 1" plywood seat and back into a t-nut constructed 3" High Density foam, wrapped in a variety of polyolefin fabrics.  Fully assembled, gangs together, lifetime 10/10 warranty

The Church Chair at 20" is a better by design style church chair and similar to ChurchChair1 only …

The Church Chair: The 6 Most asked questions

Today ChurchFurniture1 is talking about FAq's on The Church Chair: the 6 most asked questions, If you are in the market for church chairs for sale or need chairs for church look no further then our own church chairs: 
1) What is cold cured foam? Cold cured foam is a closed cell type of foam. It is made one for one in a mold. There is a formula that is mixed inside the mold, then sealed and vacuumed to ensure full and even form. Once the cavity has been completely filled, the foam is complete. The mold is opened and the cushion is complete. No added heat is used in the creation of this foam, thus the name cold cured foam. The process of producing this foam, also creates a liquid barrier on the outside of the foam piece, creating a liquid resistant cushion. For more information on cold cured foam, See our info Graphic Below
2) What is dual density foam? Dual density foam is made with “slab” foam. This foam is “baked” much like a loaf of bread. The final loaf is then sliced and shaped …

Is $7 a lot of money?

Is $7 a Lot of Money? I guess that is a loaded question. Suppose it depends on what it is in reference too. Today I am talking about church chairs of course. Church chairs for sale, church chairs for less, cheap church chairs all types of church seating.

$7 is a lot of money off a church chair. $7 added onto a church chair is certainly a lot of money. I am however not talking about either of those, so what are you getting at Danny? Well, I am speaking more of the difference between.

See for several years church furniture 1 has provided some of the markets highest quality church chairs at some of the most competitive prices. We have urged our customers to more than shop but to understand the investment chairs for church is.

Truly a chair like The Church Chair by ChurchFurniture1 is proven over and over again against the test of time how it is quite impressive and worth every penny. Let's face it, it pays to invest but like all good things inflation is quite inevitable and those th…